Joe and Skylar’s Excellent Italian Adventure

Thought I’d post up a link to pictures I took while riding the Dolomites (and the Italian Alps) this past week in Italy.  My teammate and buddy Skylar Nelson and I logged 450 miles and 56,000 feet of climbing in 6 days of big rides and a short warm-up ride on day one. We rode many of the famous Italian passes from the history of Italian cycling, including Zoncolan, Mortirolo, Gavia, Giau, Fedaia, and the legendary and awe-inspiring Stelvio. I can highly recommend this trip, if anyone is interested in the details of the tour company we used, please email me off-list.

Here’s the link:

Hope you enjoy the pics, the first 20 or so are just snaps from a couple days in Venice before the ride so you can skip past those if you want to get to the bike stuff.

Thanks for looking,

Joe Pugliese

Start of Gavia
Start of Gavia
Skylar Nelson climbing in the Dolomites
Passo dello Stelvio
Post Zoncolan
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