Profile: Joe Camacho

Age 42
Profession: Creative Services/Advertising Executive.
Grew up in Roswell New Mexico and lived in Boulder and Houston before ending up in Southern California in 1995. LA has been my home since 1997.

Biking aficionado for several decades. First “real” bike Muddy Fox/Suntour groupo. It was my trail bike I used to do a lot of technical backwoods riding in Texas. A friend then introduced me to Fat City Cycles. That was the point in which I really got into the cycling community. I helped the Fat City group with trade materials and a couple of Interbike shows during the mid 90’s.

Throughout the years I have cycled, for recreation, as a commuter and these days to stay in shape. I have been Road riding about 3 years (on and off).

I would say my main goal is to cycle with a group that believes in building a supportive community for all riders.

Favorite post-ride meal:

Weekday morning rides (Short): The breakfast I missed because I got up so early…
Weekend (Long): BBQ, Pork, Cheeseburger

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