Stagecoach Century TTT Race Report

Stagecoach Century TTT Race Report

Racers: Mark Capalbo, Jaycee Cary, Joe Eby, Nick Gillock

TTT 100 mile race

Result – 3rd of 3 Men’s 40-50 teams, 4th of 6 overall

100 Miles with ~4600 ft climbing. Time – 4:49 average speed – 20.7

(Stops and Soft pedaling time – 9:47)

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A 100 mile team time trial in the pre-season? Sounds like a good idea – I think?

Nick Gillock sent out an email to our group inviting us to join in for this race.

We left LA at 1:30 pm, the drive was longer than expected (120 miles east of San Diego). We arrived at 6:30pm just in time to unload and go to Camacho’s for dinner (Mexican gem of a joint which has been there since 1946 – same family). The quesadilla was divine…sorry back to race.

Woke up at 4:30 am to be at start by 6 am; Light just beginning to break horizon – beautiful but freakin cold ~ 40 degrees. Once the sun came up, it warmed somewhat. Start for TTT 7-710am; We started at 7:08 having a few earlier teams to chase.

Spent 45 min on trainer prior to race to warm up (Just kidding). No warm up for 100 mile race – we tried to start slow – hard to do with teams in front and behind – finally ~ mile 3 we began to get in our stride. We were passed by team Broadcom (came in 1st) @ mile 15. The profile of the course includes 75% of the climbing in the first 50 miles so the slight rises and somewhat steep hills kept coming. This made it somewhat hard to stay together since we all climb at different speeds, but we held it together. One hill had to be 1.75 miles with average of 10% that hurts on TT bike (glad I had an 11-26). We caught the Broadcom Team on this hill but didn’t want to burn our matches racing them up a climb and figured with us catching them they were going to be easy pickings over the next 60 miles.

Finally completing most of the climbing, we were in the last 5 miles of the first 50. By then all were hurting, some worse than others. We stopped at the turn around and here is where the race went south – 1 porta-potty with everyone needing to squirt – lost 6 minutes here (Doh!).

Back on the road, we tried to make up for time lost which just resulted in losing one member of our team. With only 3 left, this meant more pulling with all of us having our moments of pain and weakness – we held it together (Final time for team based on 3rd finisher’s time). Then at mile 70, oh no, another stop to wiz, another couple minutes lost. Then came mile 83, the largest climb of the final 50 miles. That’s one small bonk for a man, one giant bonk for mankind. Man down—one of our 3-man crew hit the wall—so we slow-pedaled up the climb. At the apex of the climb, it was return of the MAC and we charged on to the finish knowing at this point our overall finish time was not in contention for a podium spot.

What did we learn?

1) We are all going to have our kidneys removed and go on dialysis so we can be dialyzed day prior to race and won’t have to pee ;-)

2) May be better to cool it down first ½ of race, although hard to make up time when second ½ of course is mostly flat to downhill. I would think that most time gain would be on difficult/climbing portion.

3) Much better to split work by 4 than 3

Joseph Eby

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