Mothballs Juniors 17/18, and 15/16 Race Reports

Maybe it was the breakfast at Denny’s with Stu and Mike, maybe the overwhelming support of La Grange at the race, or maybe just the perfect weather. For some reason I felt great today. When I arrived in Goleta, I signed up for both juniors 17/18 and 15/16 races with an hour break in between. I warmed up with Drew as he would be my only teammate for the race first race, and got a pep talk from Matias.

The 30 minute 17/18 race went fairly smoothly with only one sketchy moment when two guys in front of me rubbed wheels and almost went down. Remembering Roberto’s heroic solo breakaway from last week, I decided to mimic that halfway through the last lap. I got a 50 yard gap between myself and the peloton by the last corner, but I wasn’t able to sustain it for the 300 meter sprint. I attacked way too early and ended up in a reasonable 14th place finish.

Photo by Scott Cohen

Matias explained what I did wrong, and how to fix it next time by attacking later in the race, after the last corner. I’d attempt these tactics in the 15/16 race and hope for a top ten finish. I got more than that. I tried to “Mindfuck” my opponents by singing “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner” while sitting In the pack; I got some odd glances, but no one said a word. With one lap to go in the 15/16 race I stayed two guys back until the last corner and fired my up afterburners launching a massive attack from the outside. For those painful 300 meters I had Jeremy Clarkson’s voice in my head screaming “POWAH!!!!!!” I was just reeled in by two sprinters who had waited till the last second to unleash their fury.

It was good enough for a Podium finish, and a shiny bronze medal. My teammates routing me on from the sidelines was just as glorious as the medal.

Next time I go for gold… better work on my timing,

Tommy Musca

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