Poor College Kids Road Race Cat 5 Report

My first road race is officially behind me. Scott M., Ethan M. and myself showed up to our first road race. We raced the early race cat 5A.

As we started the race, we were rolling in a very normal 18 mph pace, after a few min of warm up, I lead the group to a 20-22 mph pace. We had a nice rotation with 4 or 5 guys. I was leading and pulling the group most of the race .. Big rookie mistake! I was tired as we came back for the final 4-5 miles to finish line.

As we started the climb, Scott and about 7 other riders pulled away on the climb. I thought that I made a huge mistake leading the group. I thought its over.

I was able to climb and stay 7-10 seconds behind. As we started our descent, I had no choice but to push hard to catch the leading group (48.7 Mph thanks to Garmin), once we were on flat about 1 mile later I was leading the group ..

As we turned to the last corner, I knew im in trouble again … A quick look back says it all. They are all Over me!! And ‘buying’ time, there gonna slipstream just before the finish line.

All this happens at about 800M to go. I knew that I had to attack now before it’s too late, I knew it was too early too. Can i do that?!
I had all out sprint for the last 600m and don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I was super slow for the last 100-150M. It felt like I was going 5 mph, and the finish line gets farther and farther away ..especially when the last 50m or so are uphill..

But I guess that was my lucky day. I finished first and saw the guys come 3-5 second later. I was so tired. Ethan asked me if I took it . . I said yeah!
Hold my bike and I sat on the ground …

Thank you Ethan! Thanks to Scott !

And special thanks to Nir aka bike improve !

Thanks to all the LaGrange Family !

Shai Oved

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