Boulevard Cat 5A Race Report

Second race: Check!

Alas, I did not win, again! But seriously…

Bryan Yates (Cat4) and myself recon’d the route yesterday, so I knew 2, cold, blustery laps today wasn’t going to be any kind of cake walk.

A full field was lead out by two apparently ‘elasticated’ youths, who spent the first lap yo-yoing off of the front in a very annoying fashion, prompting me to ‘ask’ (shout at) them, in my best British accent to ‘Stop Effin Around!’

After that the field calmed down and we ground out the nine miles of climbing to summit the first lap, at the top 3 of us lost the front group, but worked together and pulled back for the nine mile descent. As we hit the climbs for the second and last time it was obvious that there was a group of 10 riders that were going to try and break the group by attacking. I did not have the aforementioned ‘elasticity’ to respond to these aftershave-fueled-youths, so I kept my tempo and each time we rode back up to them.

As we approached a mile to the finish our lead group bunched up to around 25 fellas, all jostling for position. At 500m the pedals were stomped and the final pain fest began, I just couldn’t respond to the sprint, so I upped my tempo, and waited for the 200M mark until leaving the rest of me on the road. I managed to pick off a few riders who blew up, and finished in 13th place… With a smile on my face and cheered on by my awesome teammates!

Lesson learned this week. I need to put in some short sharp shock interval training… Or a find a Tardis/Time-Machine. Please respond off list if you have one.

Kjeld… That British bloke.

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