Knight’s Ferry Road Race

My husband, John and new La Grange racer, Scott Keno, decided to do the Knight’s Ferry Road Race Saturday in Oakdale. Thinking that this is a 50 or so mile road race, I would be sitting around for hours waiting for them to finish so why not race as well? So I committed early on and registered for the race.
Saturday rolls around and the weather is perfect at the start but a little windy, did I mention I hate the wind! This is an out and back course with 4 turn arounds on a two lane road. The race was decided for many groups at the turn arounds. As I was heading out to the first turn around I saw Scott and John heading the other direction positioned well for their race. At the first turn all went well, but I realized that I needed to be closer to the front at the next one. The second turn around came and I did not know it was coming and I was at the back.

Four girls got off the front and we could never catch back up to them. I worked hard to get back ahead and five of us ended up together working the way back to the third turn around against the wind, which has now picked up. Riding back north, I saw the guys and they still looked pretty good. I was suffering, but knew I would have a good finish if I could drop some of the girls.

I pushed the pace and when we hit the hills, all that was left of the five was me and one other girl. At the fourth turn around I ended up in the gravel, but recovered okay and hit it hard for the two miles to the finish. The uphill finish was killer, but it was great having John, Scott and his wife Jean waiting to greet me. Scott had a strong finish at 14th and John finished at 24th. Seems like the turn arounds did them in as well, but still a strong finish for both.


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