UCLA RR / NOW Energy Bar Crit – women’s 1/2 report


Julie braved the cold, and the hilly terrain and raced in Pearblossom on Saturday. I wish I knew details, but what I know is that she got 2nd!! Julie is a great asset to our team, and she is on fire right now!

NOW Energy Bar Crit
Bee and I raced the local crit in Carson/Dominguez Hills last Sunday. The field was of average size, with Helen’s, SC Velo, and NOW, having full squads. We knew the key would be to conserve our energy, in order to react to the most promising attacks. After about 25 minutes into the 50 minute race, THE attack happened…and…Bee was there! All teams had 1 rider, with the exception of Helen’s having 2. The break totaled 7 riders, and after a few laps of wondering if it was going to stick, they were able to get organized, start working together, and quickly gained significant time on the field. Bee did an excellent job of staying patient, riding smart, and having an amazing attitude! In the end, she sprinted her way to 4th place! The first four places were: (1) Amber Gaffney (2) Anna Drakulich (3) Neva Day (4) BEE! Oh and she also won a prime while in the break!! Way to go, you rode an awesome race!


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