La Grange v. PAA #2- Cat-A

Today was the second installment of our Club Track Race Series with PAA out at the ADT velodrome.

There is an Omnium at Encino today, so we ended up with slightly smaller fields in both categories. This did not mean that there was any less competition in fact, we lost Sprinters and picked up some strong endurance guys.

Since the fields were small we combined the 40-Lap warm up that finishes with a 5-Lap scratch race. This was 40 laps increasing speed that didn’t really turn into a race until the last kilometer. The standard surges and shuffling went down and I was able to surf wheels, and follow Chad for the last lap to take it at the end… 37mph in a warm-up gear at over 155rpm…

Next up was the Tempo Race. That’s a 15-Lap race where the first rider across the line every lap gets a point- everyone else gets nothing… Final lap scores 3-2-1. Lots of good moves with guys grabbing the lead for a lap or 2. After I grabbed a couple laps I found myself suffering off the back. I got it together and connected with the group for some recovery. By the time I could see again, Mikael Weitze from PAA was up the track… Some quick math and I realized that to win I had to take the last sprint…. I gave it my best but couldn’t close the gap… mikael took it and I got second…

The Cops and Robber race was a new one for me. The Robber- Mikael Weitze had a 3/4 lead on the field and our goal was to close the gap before the 5-lap race ended. The 3 LaGrangers in the field (Chad T., myself, and Adam Kruse) hatched a Plan to Team Pursuit it… When the race started I went really high and used the bank to rocket myself- and teammates… Great plan but I ended up out in front alone…. I never got closer than a 1/3 of a lap to the Robber.. I quit and sat up, then the bell rang and I realized I could preserve 2nd… Pain and 2nd place ensued…

The 30-Lap Scratch Race started pretty normal for this type of race. Nobody wanted to pull and guys were doing at most 1/2 laps on the front… I could tell that Mikael Weitze was feeling strong since he was opening little gaps on all his pulls…

At about 15-laps to go Mikael pulled the field apart slightly on his turn on the front. I told him we had a gap and we should go- figuring he was the man to beat, I would guarantee myself another 2nd if he and I could stay away.. We jumped and quickly grabbed a 1/2 lap lead… This was Pain Time for sure! I suffered- Big Time! We maintained our 1/2 lap lead then the Bell Rang with one to go and Mr. Weitze dropped me like a bag of hammers! I rolled in for 2nd and Chad took the field sprint for 3rd..

The Crawl race is pretty funny. A slow roll around the apron then the field has to be on the track but not past the Start line for an undetermined time… Track stands and slow rolls, while some guys rolled off the track and were DQ’d.. I ended up pretty high up the track, but I was Quickly loosing real estate, and creeping up close to the start line… The bell rang and my high placement on the track paid off with a downhill roll to the pole lane and a straight shot to a 1st place finish…

In the end Mikael Weitze edged me out for 1st overall and I took…. You guessed it 2nd!

A truly great day of racing!

Huge thanks to Richard Kim. I asked Richard to help our official with scoring, after he agreed I found out that our official could not make it so Richard had to run the entire session! We couldn’t of done it without him!
Thanks Richard!!!

Favorite moment of the day was watching Joe Camacho confidently crush his field in the Chariot Race… Truly awesome buddy! Way to go!

Cat B race report from Mark Martinet coming up soon..

Thanks for reading! And if this all sounds fun… Contact me about joining in on the two remaining races in the series or at least getting a start on track racing….



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