Salinas Junior Development Criterium

What: Salinas Junior Development Criterium
When: 3/25/12
Who raced: Jeremy Dixon
Placing: 3rd
Category: Masters 35+ 1-3
Length: 75 minutes

The race started out fast from the start with only 15 riders I think
entering the race. The San Jose Bike Club sent two riders off from the gun and I had to go with it since they had 6 in the race and I
couldn’t count on anyone else doing it. We spent about 5 laps off the
front before the field came up on us. I prepared myself for the
counter attack that was coming. It did in the form of two more SJBC
riders that of which I missed as they had already accelerated to TT
speed before I could react. I spent the next 40 minutes off the front
chasing with one other rider. I pretty much destroyed myself to catch the break but was unable to since my partner could not keep the pace I was pushing. The main break lapped the field and then they proceeded to reel us back in. So, I turned off the gas even though we had almost a full straight away on them. Once we were caught, I was able to just sit in and rest and only chase down a couple of riders that would jeopardize my chance at a podium. Although I did try to get away several more times but they gave me no slack. With 5 laps to go, the SJBC lined it up and I just sat on the train. Coming out of turn 3 they let a gap form for one of their riders that had lapped the field and he rode off the front. Not wanting to wait around, I moved through to 3rd wheel out of turn 4 and turned on the gas. I easily won the field sprint by at least 5-7 bike lengths or more. An easy sprint for the amount of work I had done during the race. Too bad I missed the winning move since it seemed like I was the strongest on the day and probably would have won. Oh well, maybe next time.


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