Torrance Crit Masters 55+/60+ Race Report

Event: Torrance Criterium
Date: Apr 1, 2012
Who raced: Fred Haim – 3rd (60+)
Moshe Ovadya – 7th (55+)

Fred had been scouting this race for a couple of weeks. With the events in San Diego over the weekend, we thought this might be easier pickings for some SoCal points. And it was. The field was small and many of the big guns were not there. As usual, the 55+ and 60+ were to race together and scored separately.

We arrived around 7 am and registered day-of. It was cold and quite breezy. Warming up on the streets around the course, I thought to myself just like Richard Kim did: “Given the brutal headwind on the front straight, I thought the odds of a break were nil”. That proved to be not the case.

Around lap 3, John LaGrandeur with OTR took off on the back stretch. No one bothered to chase. With the strong tailwind, he quickly put in a gap that grew pretty large. I figured coming into the front straight, we would certainly reel him in with the headwind. Not so!

Next lap, we noticed he was quite far, maybe third of a mile. That’s when Deogracias Asuncion from SBW put in a dig. No one bothered again. There was a lot of distance to bridge and it looked for a while that the chase was stuck in no man’s land.

It seems like it took the chaser three laps but he was able to bridge and that’s all she wrote. Both were 55+, hence spots 1 and 2 were gone. We never saw them again. Deogracias won the sprint. Shows that it pays off to bridge.

The remaining pack stuck together until the bunch sprint. 55s were sprinting for third place. 60s were intact. I was at the head of the pack on the back stretch of the final lap and decided to back off a bit going into turn 5. I slowed down to let a few wheels go ahead and everyone jumped hard into the headwind. Going into turn 6, I realized the hesitation had cost me several spots. I tried to grab Fred’s wheel who put in a great effort and got podium in the 60+.

Combined, we got 16 SoCal points for the LG Masters. Attached is the podium shot for the 60+.

Thank you for reading,

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