Profile: Julie Cutts

2011 Tandem National Champion

I am a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. I have lived there for almost 44 years. I always tell people that I was born, raised, and will probably die in Las Vegas. I own/run a small landscape/maintenance business which allows me the flexibility to train and race. I also work for McGhies bike shop leading tours in my spare time. I can say that my bike training started in my young teenage years, as I would pull the lawn mower behind my bike, with all the other small equipment strapped onto the mower. In the summer I would do this wearing my bikini. Looking back, I think I should have charged more just for that show!

I got into the cycling scene seriously at the age of 36. I was a workaholic, out of shape, and somewhat depressed. The moment I got on a bike again, I felt like a kid, and have acted like one ever since. Five weeks after my first ride, I did my first race, which also happened to be the first time I had ever clipped in. I was clueless about the bike racing scene, but I knew I loved riding and thought I was a pro from day one. Now I realize all that I don’t know about cycling, and am even more eager to learn. Instead of being a workaholic, I am a bikeaholic. But I am no longer out of shape or depressed. Biking gave me a new life!

I love everything there is about cycling. I love to race, and I love to ride with my friends on casual rides, and most of all I love to train. My coach for the last 3 years has been working on me not to overtrain. This year I have really tried to do what he says, and the results are better than ever before. He has to remind me that the responsibilities of everyday life takes its toll on the body, and I have to remember this and take it into account for my training.

Off the bike, I am a mother of 8 children. I had 4 kids, and my husband had 4, when we were married. We only have 4 left in the house now, so it seems quite empty. My kids are the thing that makes me most proud. They are so responsible and grown up now! It seems like yesterday when I was so busy having to meet all their needs. Now, they are supporting me in reaching my dreams, and if they weren’t so great, I would not be able to do what I do.

Winning San Luis Rey!

I joined La Grange this year to be able to race with a more organized team. I have been thrilled with the support and friendships that I have made in the last 6 months. I will be racing on some composite teams the next few months, and they have done everything to make this happen for me! La Grange, and especially Amy Hutner, have saved me so many times already in making these dreams come true!

My advice to the new riders is to not take this sport too seriously. In that I mean, everything comes with balance. Without the balance, things can get really messed up. Balance in family, friends, food choices, and training has to be established in order to not get burned out in  the sport. It can be so consuming to get the right bike and gear, find the right coach, and get to the races. All of this is done in time, and in time, I have found that each year builds you up for the next year. If you pace yourself in the right balance, each year you will grow as a cyclist and as an individual.

San Luis Rey Podium

Thank you La Grange Club and Race Team for making my dreams come true!

Julie Cutts

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