Palms Bike Rodeo – Thank you!

I’m passing on the Palms Neighborhood Council’s thank you to La Grange for participating in the Palms Bike Rodeo.

Also, I want to thank Alan Eskovitz, Moshe Ovadya, Nir Tal, Jay Slater (and friend), and especially Tom Byrnes and Dave Lieberman for participating. Tom and Dave stayed for the whole program. Tom displayed a selection from his estimable collection; Dave brought some amazing machines he’s built, designed (invented), or restored. 

For anyone who likes sharing our love for bicycles and cycling, educating and putting smiles on kids’ faces, or just feeling part of the community, this is an event to put on your calendar for next year.

Jonathan Weiss

On behalf of the entire Palms Neighborhood Council,

We would like to thank you and your organizations for coming out and participating in our Bike Rodeo this year. We had about 600 people at the event and gave away 27 bikes to local children in our neighborhood. The event would not have been so fun and full of energy and information without you there engaging with our attendees. We hope that the event has brought your organization closer to our neighborhood and look forward to seeing you again next year!

Pictures of the event should soon be available at our site and facebook page. Sign up for our newsletter and friend us on Facebook!
PNC Facebook page:

Natasha Ericta
PNC Outreach Chair

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