Rosena Ranch 35+ 4/5

Racedate 62312….to the nearest decimal point…we travel back in time to….

First off thank my teammates Shai,Chad,Mark,Wade, & J to the C for bringing on the support, of course race organizers for making it all work and paying me!

Race was 6 laps, started easy on downhill to a right 180. Small climb past starting line then right into a ramped up decent out of site from the spectators. Making way to the second U turn the next mile was the chore! Couple rollers and strong headwind to the finish! Three laps in I Held a line in the front of the pack with Shai behind me. It wasn’t until he said pick it up I realized we had a 100 Yard gap which obviously needed to be bigger, then pushing to the limit for the next mile I just didn’t have the legs I wanted for a breakaway. Told him to drop back and file in.

Pace stayed constant with a bunch of jockeying and wind blocking. It was the final lap that cranked the gears, with everyone searching for the right line, I took some advice and stayed sleeping in the back hoping to find legs up the final climb to the sprint.

After being denied up the right side I decided to cut my own wind (the odor free kind) and take a chance up the left. Seeing Shai in front of the pack encouraged an all out battle of the quads!

It was a great race day and I can’t wait for the next!

Sean Kevan Oneal

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