45+ Team Sprint Race Report: Masters State Championship

This weekend, the Velo Sports Center in Carson hosted the 2012 Masters State Track Cycling Championships. Last year in San Diego, Joel Bertet and I (along with Richard Kim) got a silver medal in the team sprint. About 7 weeks ago, Joel rallied us again this year to try to finish the job and bring home a Bear Jersey. The quest started off smoothly until Richard suffered a back injury. This unfortunately put him on the shelf late in the training and he had to bow out. We were totally bummed as we wanted Richard with us but we understood his situation. The standing start can put a lot of pressure on your back and Richard had match sprinting aspirations as well (more to come on that!).

Joel’s coach David Brinton stepped in for us at a LAVRA practice race and eventually agreed to be our 3rd man. We worked hard tweaking order, practiced our starts and transitions until we had things down to perfection. Our race went about as good as we could have expected. We got a fantastic start, stayed tight through each lap and won our category by about 2 seconds! Bear Jersey!

I need to give a personal shout out to Quinn Hatfield. I really don’t know how this guy has time for all he does. Running a successful restaurant, opening a 2nd, 2 kids, training like an animal (seriously, a complete animal), coaching Camacho…apparently he doesn’t need much sleep and requires little recovery time! 7-weeks ago I just asked him for a few workouts that would help my standing start and I got a 6-day a week plan of gym work and vomit-inducing bike time. My first reaction was “Ha! No way I am doing this!”, then I felt bad that he took the time to put it together…and by that Tuesday I was in the gym squatting and deadlifting. By race day, he turned me into a respectable “man 1”. In fact, our team’s first lap split time was about 2 seconds faster than the 2nd place team so….thank you, Quinn! Good times!

*Since I borrowed pretty much everything for this, I need to! also thank: Chria for the rollers and disc wheel, Richard for the super deep dish front wheel I raced on, Tuttle! for track training wheels (via chad), Capalbo for the super aero Flash Gordon helmet, and “man 2” Joel for sharing his coaching time and rallying us to do it again. This is why this club rocks!

I you have read this far and you are still interested, here are some pics taken courtesy of Wade Hewitt.

And some iPhone shots I took.


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