Tour of Orange

1976_touroforangeThe rider leading the string is Todd Morey who represented the US at the Junior World Championships in 1976, held in Liege Belgium that year.

I had been helping Todd train and prepare for selection and this race, the Tour of Orange I think, was a chance to post a good result, he was given a dispensation to race with the Seniors at the time. This was the first stage and the team, that’s me in second wheel, plus Dave Smith another Aussie set up a fantastic lead out over the last couple of miles to launch him with 200 yards to go. Unfortunately we had overlooked the fact that although Todd was allowed to race with the seniors he still had to ride junior gears, so unfortunately he was overtaken right on the line. However he still finished 3rd overall in the Tour I think and it was a result that helped him make the US team so we were all pretty happy with that.

Todd was a lovely kid, polite, respectful, keen to learn and very determined. I don’t think the US team got any warm up races so being dumped into a typical Belgian road course was a bit of a shock. I was there in the pits and tried to gee the boys up but I think they were already so overawed by the occasion that a result was too much to expect.

Unfortunately Todd fell into bad habits and slipped away from cycling. I saw him a couple of years later when he turned up at a race saying that he wanted to come back to racing and break his habits. Having made some plans with him to get back on his bike we never saw him again and he was lost later that year.

Kind regards,

Ray Rhodes

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