What’s Up With La Grange – Monthly Update

Dear Members,

When I was elected President of the club by the Board, I promised to keep the membership up to date on what is happening. This will be the first of my monthly notes to keep you up to speed and involved in the business of your club.

First a warning. We are now about 5 weeks into the membership renewal process. While the renewals are going well there are many of you who have not gone onto the club site (lagrange.org) and renewed for 2013. You have about two weeks until we close the renewals and remove the names of those who have not renewed from the official membership list. What this means is you will not be able to receive a discount at Helen’s or Peet’s or buy club clothing or be included in the Yahoo Groups email list. Please don’t procrastinate. Go on line and get it done now.

On the news front, 2013 is off to a fantastic start. Our racing teams at every level are racking up podiums at every race they enter. The men’s teams, women’s teams and our juniors are doing amazing things. If you have been reading the race reports you have seen that the camaraderie among our racers is terrific and this is helping us win races and get on the podium with regularity.

John Mailloux, our clothing czar, has assured us that the new kits featuring our new club sponsor, Michelob Ultra (and all of our sponsors), are shipping this week from Castelli. The kits look great and we hope you will all get them on as soon as you receive them and lets get our new look out on the roads.

The Board is working on a plan to further involve non-BOD members in club functions. We will have more on this soon but in short we are developing a plan to compensate volunteers who take on major responsibilities on club events.

A very exciting development. In the not to distant future we will be redesigning our web site to be more contemporary and interactive. We are shooting for a launch within a few months, so keep an eye on the site.

La Grange night at Helen’s was a great success. The folks at Helen’s and the vendors who participated were very happy with the outcome. From personal observation, the crowd was the biggest I can remember and you folks sure can eat. The raffle was a big success and we donated a nice check to Meals on Wheels from the proceeds. We went through more pizza, pasta, salad, cases of Michelob Ultra and soda then we ever imagined. Members of the BOD met with Helen’s after the success of the evening and working together plans are in the works for more great nights like this one.

Finally, Brentwood Grand Prix and the La Grange Cup Series are already in the planning stages. Think about how you can help and get in touch with a member of the Board and let us know that you would like to get involved.

That’s it for now. The next BOD meeting will be on Wednesday, February 13. We hope you will attend.

Please obey the law and always ride safe.

Jay Slater
Board of Directors
Velo Club La Grange

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