Profile: Chad Moston

Photo by Doug Johnstone

Chad winning the 2013 Cat 3 Poor College Kids Road Race
Photo by Doug Johnstone

Q.Where were you born and where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in a suburb of Madison, WI.

Q.What is your athletic background?
I was born into a family that was big into athletics.  Both parents were big participants
in sports and were very supportive and encouraging to my brother and I.  I played football,
basketball and track all 4 years in high school and received a full scholarship to play
football at a division 2 school in Minnesota.

triathleteQ.When did you start riding and racing?
I started riding on a regular basis in late 2010.  A friend of mine participated in an Ironman and I helped him train on the bike for it.  Shortly after that, I was a triathlete for 1.5 years and gradually moved over to bike racing.  My first race was in 2012.

Q.What are your goals this season?
My goal is to keep growing/improving in this sport and most importantly, keeping a passion for riding.  Any victories that come with that are a bonus.

Q.What is your favorite post-ride meal?
My favorite post-ride drink: chocolate milk.
Favorite post-ride meal: A hamburger.

Q. Favorite sports movie?
The Big Lebowski.  Is bowling a sport?  If not, Rocky III.

Q. Favorite song on the trainer pre-race?
Currently listening to Kaskade and other similar dance music.

chadgabiQ.What are some of your off the bike interests?
Outside of bike riding, I have had a nice career in online affiliate marketing/advertising.  When not at work, I try to spend the rest of my time going on
adventures and exploring SoCal with my wonderful girlfriend (and La Grange club member) Gabriella.  And when I say adventures, I mostly mean laying on the couch relaxing with a good DVD!

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