LAVRA Upgrade Omnium Race Report 2013

LAVRA Upgrade Omnium
LA Velodrome Racing Association Omnium
Carson, CA
Saturday, November 9, 2013
Today was the final race of the year down at the indoor track in Carson.
If you haven’t been down to the VSC for a race day lately- you may not be aware of the Bad Ass army of track specialists your club is fielding.. ok- Army might be a bit of a stretch but we have a big crew of guys! (and a Girl!)
Robert Efthimos and Richard Berentsen were flying the LG colors in what I believe was Robert’s last cat-5 race and Richard’s first… I’ll let Robert fill you in on the details of the race.. but no surprise- Robert’s road skills look to be transitioning nicely to the oval.
The Masters 1/2/3 field was raced by Michelob Ultra Velo Club La Grange’s Joel Bertet, Vance McDonald, Quinn, Chris Reed.. also Ivy Koester got thrown in with what was likely the fastest field of the day, because she was the only woman.. yes.. 5 of the 7 racers in the field were LG.. and John Bergman- who will be flying our kit next season.
At registration i saw a skinny roady type registering- when they asked his category he said cat-1.. I knew to watch this guy.
First up was the 15 lap Tempo (aka point a lap) 1 point each lap for the first rider… these are hard! Fast from the start! I stole the first point from Chris Reed.. then Joel took a flyer for 3-4 points.. Joel detonated and went through the field and out the back… Cat-1 dude took off and stole a bunch of points.. I got myself into the mix on the final lap for 2 points- total of 3…  turned out I had enough for 2nd place..
Next up was the miss-n-out.. I know every report I say how much I hate these.. but I do well in them. Chris Reed pulled his signature move and took the pole and rode hard- I pulled in tight and enjoyed the ride. Once Chris got tired I had to come out into the wind at the pole to take us from 3 to 2. I had Cat-1 guy boxed in like it was my job, right behind Bergman… I could see how it would play.. me and Bergman for the 1-2 sprint.. I thought I had slowed him down enough and he was trapped- next thing I know he comes all the way around me and contests the sprint! I had to jump hard and Bergman was pulled. Covering the move left me smoked and he took the win.
After the race I got a chance to say hello and give him props for an amazing move and some serious jets to go along with it.. he introduced himself- Dan.
The Points race is a nightmare! 32 laps, sprints every 8 laps.. not really my kinda race. Chris Reed took off at the gun and got himself a lap. He was back in the field by the first sprint, which I grabbed for full points.. I got the next points as well.. then things got confusing with guys off the back and guys up the road.. we all pulled back together and I worked really hard to hold Dan off at the last sprint! He just spent the better part of 16 laps by himself in the wind going 30mph, while I sucked wheel and it took everything I had to take the sprint. That got me the win.
Dan took the overall win and I got a hard fought 2nd…
After, the officials were laughing at me because I didn’t know who Dan Vogt was.
This guy is a legend- with a resume as long as my arm and spanning decades.
Not a big surprise- he raced like a champion.
Another great day at the races!
Thanks for reading..
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