2013 SoCalCross Race Reports #15 and #16 – Hart Park

Cyclocross Races #15 and #16
Hart Park, Bakersfield, CA
December 7 & 8, 2013
Who Raced – Nicole Brandt
This past weekend’s racing took place at Hart Park, in Bakersfield. The weather was cold and breezy, with highs in the mid 40’s and lows were below freezing – We packed as if we were going snow skiing, not bike racing :-)
Saturday, Dec 7th
The course was a 1.8 mile undulating loop, which consisted of grass, dirt, a steep run-up, and one barrier section. I had a great start in which I got the hole-shot and was able to get a gap on the field through the first grassy, technical section. I got a little too excited when I saw I had opened a 10 second gap after just the 1st 1/2 lap; I then proceeded to take a sandy corner too sharp and wiped out. The time I had gained was gone, and Amanda Nauman caught up to me. I excelled through the technical and twisty sections of the course, and she excelled on the climbs and straight-a-ways. When all was said and done, she out-powered me by 30 seconds.
1) Amanda Nauman
2) Nicole Brandt
3) Christina Probert-Turner
4) Dorothy Wong
Sunday, Dec 8th
Today’s course was similar but much more difficult. With 3 steep run-ups and 1 barrier section, this race was sure to destroy anyone’s legs. The elite women’s race started out fast, however, I was unable to get the hole-shot, and just sat in 2nd, behind Amanda (yesterday’s winner) for as long as I could. Having been able to out-power me yesterday, my goal was to stay with her for as long as I could. With every lap, she was able to gain time on the uphill climbing sections, but I was able to claw my way back during the technical and downhill sections. I had a good race with no major errors or crashes, and it was good enough for 2nd, with Amanda beating me by 15 seconds. In one way, it’s a little frustrating because I want to beat her, and she’s been able to get the best of me each time, with the exception of one race, but on the other hand, it’s great to have good competition and someone to push me to race harder and become stronger.
1) Amanda Nauman
2) Nicole Brandt
3) Christina Probert-Turner
4) Dorothy Wong
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