2014 Ontario Criterium #1 Race Reports – Juniors

Ontario Criterium #1
Ontario, CA
January 12, 2014
Who Raced – Lenny Malamed, Dexter Koester, Daniele Rivelo, Ivy Koester, Trevor Goodman, Sam Melamed, Noah Schlosser

Today was the first race of the year and as usual the juniors race was in the wee hours of the morning at 7:30am. Only the poor Cat 5 men had it worse with a start time of 7am. Last year this race was 25 degrees so todays temp of 48 was down right balmy. Flight school had a pretty good turnout with Dexter Koester and Lenny Melamed racing in Mens 10-12. Daniele Rivelo racing in Men 13-14. Ivy Koester racing in Womens 10-14. Trevor Goodman, Sam Melamed and Noah Schlosser racing in Mens 15-16. The Mens 15-16 got a head start and then they launched the women and younger men’s groups. The Mens 13-14 raced later in the morning.

Men 15-16 as told by Noah Schlosser:
Ontario #1, the first race of the season, and new season means new age category (15-16). Everyone’s nervous with anticipation. My goals are to stay with the group and just see how I can do out of the other 19 competitors, two of which are teammates, Sam Melamed and Trevor Goodman. The whistle blows and the race takes off. A couple of wheels I remember, and there are a couple of new ones. I have a couple of marked wheels, so I sit in their draft. As we approach the 5th corner, Nick Robertson (a highly ranked junior racing for Monster Media) attacks, so I chase only to realize it was a trap. His teammate Daniel Willet (another highly ranked junior) launches from the back of the pack and establishes a solid breakaway from the group. I try chasing and just end up by myself trying to chase a breakaway that I won’t catch. As I ease back into the pack, I find myself boxed between 4 other juniors. Now that I’m out of contention, Bo Knickman (son of ex-pro Roy Knickman, racing for LUX) attacks out of one of the turns. He was gone in no time and 4 others broke away to chase. I chased them for almost a half lap, but couldn’t quite get them, I eased up and decided to just stay with the other 13 riders who were chasing the other chase group. With some attacks by others here and there, the last lap came around. There was team strategy all over, but nothing came through for the other teams. Sam comes up to the front with Trevor behind him on the last turn, so I hop on. Sam jumps, then Trevor, then me. I find myself next to 2 other kids all out sprinting. I still have a lot left so I put the hammer down and pass them before the line, putting me in 7th place. Considering I was at the lower end of my age category, I think I did well. There’s still a lot more I have to learn and I hope to improve a lot as the year goes on.

Men 15-16 as told by Trevor Goodman:
“Wow I’m 15-16! These guys are fast,” I thought to myself after 6 guys went off on a breakaway. I was in the main field chasing the breakaway and it was really disorganized. Everybody was working on their own. I got tired of it and started a paceline. People were trying to attack and breakaway to catch the lead group but nothing went through. With 2 laps to go, I slowed the pace down a lot. I wanted to go off the front for 1 lap to go and win the field. Sean Quinn, from Rokform Cycling, went off and I took his wheel, but then he let me go alone because he had a teammate up ahead. With about 250 meters to go I got sucked in. My legs were yelling! I was in the front of the sprint, and then boom, they all come by me. I learned that I really need to work on my sprinting! In the end, I did my best and my teammate Noah did awesome! Now he is a sprinter! It’s going to be a fun season!
Field: 20 racers
Noah: 7th (first place in field)
Trevor: 13th
Sam: 16th

Women 10-14, Men 10-12 as told by Brian Koester:
They stayed together the whole race and only lost about 6 riders off the back. The pace was hard then slowed until they started the last lap. Ivy had been tailing Sarah Swan who she thought was going to win, but Cheyenne Comer took the lead into the first corner and Ivy grabbed her wheel. As they came around the last turn on the long 500m finishing straight, a 10-12 boy cut Ivy off and disrupted her sprint. Cheyenne got a good jump. Ivy regained her sprint and closed the gap back down and was poised to win but just ran out of real estate as Cheyenne was able to cross first with Ivy right behind. Dexter had been taking turns at the front pulling and when it came down to the final sprint he just didn’t have the turbo today. Lenny finished in the second pack.
Women’s Field: 7
Ivy: 2nd
Men’s Field: 19
Dexter: 9th
Lenny: 13th

Men 13-14 as told by Larry Goodman
Weston drove it hard from the beginning and blew apart the field almost immediately. As a consequence half the field was left decimated including Daniele. He finished with the second pack.

Thank you for reading,
La Grange Flight School

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